Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

The topic of homemade peach ice cream has been discussed in our household for some time now.  I remember the first time I experienced peach ice cream, it was not homemade but still was heavenly to me.  Finally I did something about the peach ice cream, I made some this morning. I experimented a little with the peaches, Clint sressed they needed to be over ripe and these were.  After my wonderful Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker (love this appliance) had done its magic with the peaches, sugar, cream and vanilla, we had some delicious homemade peach ice cream.



nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Hi Cindy! Really really thanks for this recipe! I Will try to do this ice cream, my hausband it's a great fun of peach, we have at the moment still not goos peach cause rain a lot... But in agust i sure Will try it, many thanks

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Please i dont't find the recipe where is on Wich post?

Clint said...

Just got home from working out---gotta get to this stuff now! My dad-gummed grandson Canyon has already eaten half of it!

Cindy Ellison said...

Hi Laura, thank you for the comments and here is the recipe from the Cuisianart recipe booklet.

2 or more cups if desired, over ripe peaches shredded/cut in small pieces

3/4 cup whole milk

2/3 cup granulated sugar

pinch salt

1 1/2 cup heavy cream

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

This is the amount for the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker, you could double it to make more. For whole milk I used 2% and for heavy cream I used half and half.

The recipe makes about 5 cups, there would be more if you used more than 2 cups of peaches. I hope this helps.

Cindy Ellison said...
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Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my, sounds yummy and relatively easy enough if you have the right machine. Hope your day is special!

Nova said...

Yammi...that looks delicious, and thanks for sharing the recipe. This morning I thought about making some ice cream this week...maybe it will be peach ice cream :-)))

Greetings to you and Clint

Shelly said...

I openly drooled. Ohhh, it looks so good!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Cindy thank you very very much! You are a true tresour-) a big hug to you

Isobel Higley said...

Super looking ice-cream. Nicely presented as well. The perfect scoop! :)