Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Early morning mist at Cove Lake State Park.

Yesterday I took off for the day.  I got an early start and spent the day around LaFollette, Tennessee, visiting my mother and my cousin.  I had never been in my cousin's backyard and was I ever amazed!  The pictures will show the reason.  She and I had a wonderful visit and enjoyed our lunch at the Cove Lake State Park.

The day began with this fiery sky.

This mama has her "ducks all in a row."

We had a delicious lunch at Cove Lake State Park.
What a view!

Cove Lake State Park
LaFollette, Tennessee

My cousin's boat below her house.  She lives on the lake.

The breath taking view behind her house.

I would want to sit on my deck everyday with such scenery.



Carol Blackburn said...

My oh my, what a beautiful place, Cindy. Did you climb down and up all those stairs????? Whew!

Nova said...

Oh my gosh...what a place to live. You show ask him to change places *smiling*

Have a beautiful evening and greetings

Cindy Ellison said...

Hi Carol and Petra! Thank you for stopping by and leaving some thoughtful and funny words.

Carol, it made me tired just looking at those stairs!

Petra, the place is up for sale so I could buy it ... if I had the money! :-)

Crown of Beauty said...

Cindy, what a refreshing post this is, with all those breathtaking pictures. The fiery sunrise sky, and the early morning mist, the row of ducks, and all those lake photos... heavenly.

Glad I stopped by today to see all these.

Blessings on your day... while mine over here is ending in just a couple of hours.


only child said...

and draw the beautiful trees? your ca drawing is perfect! i too love pencil drawing but have put it aside for so many years I probably have lost the ability to do it.